What do you need
to HELP YOU succeed?

What do you need to HELP YOU succeed?

What do you need to HELP YOU succeed?

What do you need
to HELP YOU succeed?

What do you need to HELP YOU succeed?

What do you need to HELP YOU succeed?

inspirents’ entire purpose is to help businesses prosper and communities thrive.

inspirents’ entire purpose is to help businesses prosper and communities thrive.

Working closely with local government, council partners and the private sector we create programmes that enable these aims having talked to multiple stakeholders – from entrepreneurs to chief execs, senior managers to enthusiastic start-ups – and understanding the obstacles each faced.

Currently, our programme support reaches across Scotland.

Currently, our programme support reaches across Scotland.

With a variety of dynamic and innovative support mechanisms designed to propel your ambitious teams’ abilities and maximise your business potential. Including the unique Pathways for Women considering or in business.

Food & Drink Accelerator
Commercial Excellence Programme.

Food & Drink Accelerator Commercial Excellence Programme.

This inspirent programme consists of four workshops offering practical support to overcome market barriers and boost confidence. Participants will learn to share growth ambitions, identify target customers, address challenges, conduct SWOT analyses, and present to buyers.

The HIVE: Empowering women through workspace support.

The HIVE: Empowering women through workspace support.

The HIVE is a fresh, supportive workspace dedicated to helping women in North Lanarkshire kickstart and expand their businesses.

Located at One Wellwynd, Airdrie, The HIVE is designed to inspire and assist more women in realising their dream of becoming business owners.

inspirent delivered 10 free roadshows across Scotland between January and March 2024.

Targeted at fast-tracking aspiring women into business and enabling those considering self-employment or starting their own venture.

The answer is ‘YES’ you can and we will be right behind you!

“I have an idea for a business and everyone around me is telling me to go for it. I came away motivated and inspired and for the first time thinking…maybe I CAN do this”.

Olivia Pink, 25. Attendee at Glasgow Roadshow


Talking from experience

Talking from experience

“Anyone can own their own business if they are passionate about what they are doing, focus on their skills and seek help for the skills they don’t have. Collaborate with like-minded people for the stuff you don’t know.

Don’t get me wrong there are some really scary moments, and these don’t go away despite having done this for a long time, but working together with Jenny, my business partner, we pull on each other’s skills to tackle obstacles and keep striving to grow bigger and better.

If you believe in what you have to offer, nothing will get in your way. Just find people that have the skills that you are missing and go for it.

Owning your own business is like having another child, you want to hand hold, help it to grow, protect it from bad things and always have your phone on hand when it needs you.”

Kate Berry, Partner in Urban Retreat Salon & The Academy Training

inspirent were amazing at seeing what was right in front of us and held us accountable each session which really made us re-evaluate different aspects of the business.

They are so helpful and approachable. They definitely help you think outside the box or have fresh eyes on your business.

I am a firm believer that you should chase your dreams. You would always regret not trying.”

Jenny Storey, Partner in Urban Retreat Salon & The Academy Training

“I do believe it may be harder for women, mums especially, but it is possible. You have to start with a strong belief in yourself and the ability to trust the process, even when it’s hard.

I am proud of what I have achieved in business by overcoming the challenges. This last year in particular growing my online business with young kids and a baby by my side. It makes reaping the rewards so much more meaningful as I know how hard I have worked.

The programme helped me to think bigger and realise that my business was as real as any other business. I gained a lot of knowledge and made new connections which is what business is about for me.”

Louise McHendrie, Founder of The Dance Business Coach and owner of Dance Inc. Studios

“I gave up a successful 35+ year corporate career nine years ago, age 53 to set up my own consultancy business – a Training Consultancy. I specialise in Personal and Leadership Development.

My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner! There is a lot of support and help out there, particularly in Scotland through the different agencies and there’s a great support network too of like-minded women willing to help.

Listen to your inner voice – I just felt my inner voice kept telling me to go out on my own, that I would be much happier – and I am.”

Christine Penman, Founder, Director, CEO at The One Percent

As a ‘for good’ business with no shareholders to please,

we focus on you. We invest in providing the best services possible, by the best team, to grow your business.

We were previously called Lanarkshire Enterprise Services…

which perhaps didn’t do justice to the dynamic and inspiring organisation we are.

 Find out about today’s inspirent

“Working with inspirent R&W Scott were able to bring enhanced digital technology into our business which had an immediate effect on the operations of their business.”

Start-Up Street Renfrew.

Offering low cost, high-quality workspace, expert help and all-round support to new & growing businesses, for up to two years.

Renfrewshire Expert Help.

Renfrewshire Expert Help.

Providing Expert Help Consultations for growing businesses in areas such as Marketing, Finance, Innovation, Energy Efficiencies & Net Zero, Intellectual Property, Business Strategy, Procurement, Business Planning, Digital, Tourism, Exporting, Skills and Human Resource Management.

North Lanarkshire Social Enterprise Accelerator.

Following the success of our Social Enterprise Accelerator 2 – launched in January 2024 – we are now pleased to offer a 3rd programme of fully funded, FREE to participants,  8-week business support programme for North Lanarkshire organisations with 3 in-person and 7 online sessions delivered by experienced professionals across the key business disciplines.

Programme 3 starts in April 2024 with applications closing 5th April 2024.

Just Enterprise.

Just Enterprise.

A Scottish Government-funded programme for the Third Sector.

Our expert advisers can provide the support, training and information you need to start, develop, grow and lead your social enterprise. What’s more, the majority of our services are entirely free to access.

Whatever stage you are at, Just Enterprise can help!

CEO Reflections

Reflecting on: Organisational culture’s place in non-corporates

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) defines organisational culture as an organisation’s “personality and character…made up of shared values, beliefs and assumptions about how people should behave and interact, how decisions should be made and how work activities should be carried out”.

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